Brief introduction

Longxing Chemical Stock Co.,Ltd,?
founded in January 1994, is a listed company specializing in the production of high-quality carbon black for rubber. It was listed on the SME in 2010 (stock code: 002442).?
The company has 1350 employees and annual output is 460,000 tons of carbon black, 35,000 tons of silica and 66 MWH power generation.?
?It also has? PP Jumbo package products and warehousing services.?
?Longxing is a high-tech enterprise of China’s Torch Program, and"Environment- Friendly Enterprises" of Hebei and "Hebei Provincial Government Quality Award".


Product category

? ? ??
? ? ???Carbon Black:
? ? ? ?various N series of carbon black? ? ? ? ? ? ?productions

? ? ? ? Silica:
? ? ? ? High Dispersed Silica
? ? ? ? Conventional Silica?
? ? ? ? Feed grade silica?
? ? ? ? Other applications


Application of Carbon Black Products

Longxing carbon black, featured with prominent reinforcing ability and abrasion resistance, is mainly used as reinforcing filler in all-steel, semi-steel radial tire and inner tube.?
?It can also be widely used in auto parts including sealing strips of doors and windows, oil tubes, dampers and brake pads, etc.?
?Carbon black serves as an important ingredient in rubber, building materials, electronics, papers, plastics, color master batches, paints, fuels, chemical fibers, fiber coloring, printing ink, ink and papermaking, etc.



Longxing is a reliable carbon black manufacturer which supply the products to all over the word and approved by all the top tire companies.

Our service principle:
Integrity Management,?
Customer Satisfaction,
Winning customers’ recognition with best quality and excellent service.??

Global Leading Customers

China Leading Customers


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